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Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 03:21:49 -0500 From: Edward Vlasov <middleear@gmail.com> Subject: Re: Stayin’ Alive version 33 Re: [Words] Stayin’ Alive version 33 Hello Julian,
1. short cut 1:33 from Staying Alive [1983] soundtrack
2. medium done about 4:44, on any greatest hits of theirs
3. long (extended) version 6:54 - 6:59 [Promo 12" Version] from 2007 "Greatest" double CD set

When it comes to the version with the slower bridge, it wasn't destroyed, it's the tape in the documentary. And if I'm hearing correctly, it's a different mix from the officially released one,
which means the bridge wasn't cut out, it exists in its own version. Also, it seams now that the slow bridge version was the base of the SA video, but I might be wrong.

I'm not even touching the sound quality of SA, which differs in the 12" version at 4:22, as if a totally different take was spliced to it. Actually, as if a different take of "Night Fever" drum track
was used in the loop for the recording of SA.


No one has ever claimed to have heard version 1 so it may hidden deep in the vaults.

Is there really a version 3? Karl Richardson has said on tape that as soon as they listed to it they cut it out a destroyed the tape, so it could not be re-emerge. I suspect they indulged themselves with a cassette copy of the bridge so it wasn’t lo

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Now, back to Stayin Alive, there are a few officially released
versions of it (short, medium and long, plus remixes), and a few months ago i found
out about the secret version with a slow bridge, which is crazy good.
Maurice' bass swirls are ingenious, but they exist only in the deleted
bridge. You can hear a couple of pieces on youtube.

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